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Did David Arquette just reveal the 🆕 SCREAM Killer? 😱

If you're a fan of the "SCREAM" series on MasonTV and you don't want to know the secret identity of the Ghostface Killa...then quick...stab your eyes out like The Inner Circle did to Dean Ambrose John Moxley.

(@ about 2:27...Jericho gets crazy with the cheese whiz spikey-gimmick.  Pick up your jacket spikey-gimmicks HERE & be like Ralfus's Boss!)

Or...if "shish kebab'ing your looky orbs" is too unrealistic cuz "muh vision is vital" or whatever...then in the words of First Amendment Auditor Kern County Tranparency's K.C. Camera Boy: "kick rocks, foo" cuz we're about to reveal who the masked heel is like the end of an episode of Scooby-Doo.

Is Bill Gates The Latest Woodsburo Massacre Suspect? Scooby-Doo and Gang are gonna find out!
(Oh wait...that's not the Babysitter Killer...that's the Everybody Killer. #ForcedVaccinationsRock.  Buy this hilarious Exclusive MEME Poster with FREE GROUND SHIPPING* by clicking HERE.)

Alright...if you tread past this either want to know...or you're from the Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good

You Have Been Warned POSTER - Diehard Designs

...Drum Roll Please...


As Triumph The Dog would say: "I Keed...I Keed!"  For real though...New Jack will cut a muthafucka soooo...#HeyItCouldHappenMcWorld.  We all know it's a gorillian times more realistic than Roseanne's sister being a successful knife murderer of any average sized adult.  I mean...did Mickey do all the work(?)...or was she on the gas(?)...maybe mid Bruce Jenner-to-Kaitlyn Jenner-esque transition?
The World May Never Know - Tootsie Roll Pop OWL MEME - Diehard Designs
(Now you want some Tootsie Roll Pops, huh?)

Speaking of Father Death...while the Master of the Coked Up Balcony Dive isn't really going to don the spooky mask & Grim Reapery outfit anytime can play as New Jack in one of these now-vintage ECW Video Games...or Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes The Neighborhood on PS2 & Original can even pretend he IS the Ghost Face killer in Dead by Daylight.  Check the trailer & cop the game for XBox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, & PC by clicking HERE!

One of our Co-Owners, Diehard Dustin Lee, has his own memories of New Jack.  He shared some thought crimes for this article:

"What can I say about Old Jack?  Well, when I was a youngin'...for a short while...I was a big fan of the thuggish ruggish character played by Jerome Young.  Yes...he only had like 3 moves: Crutch/Golf Club/Vacuum to the Cookie Sheet covered gonads, Top Rope 187 Chair Dive, & the infamous & ever-so deadly Balcony Dive...but the aura of hardcore rap music, Natural Born Killers from Ice Cube & Dr. Dre, no less...a track about 🎶snatchin' YT PIPO out they trucks, hittin'em with a brick n I'm dancin'🎶 L.A. Riots-type shiznit...playing the entire match as this gangster disciple blood crip G loc was breakin' all the rules & killin' everyone with illegal foreign objects. (Probably imported from parts unknown.)"
A Christmas Story - Leg Lamp Box Parody - New Jack's Illegal Foreign Objects from Parts Unknown MEME
(To make this box a reality you gotta buy the original A Christmas Story version HERE.)

"New Jack was...well...🆕 nothing I had ever seen before, at that time, in "pro wrestling extreme executions exhibitions."  (Still to this day nobody has music playing during their matches.)  ECW was my "favorite band," if you will, so to support...and to look different and totally rad at school...I picked up his Wanted Poster T-Shirt the night Extreme Championship Wrestling came to The Murat Egyptian Room(My young backyard wrestler friends & I also DID NOT almost kidnapped by "definitely not the owner of RF Video" but that's another story that surely some, no-name diddler dude in no way affiliated with professional wrestling will try to have removed from YouTube the entire world wide web.)"

"It was a bad ass double sided T-shirt.  Front would remind some of Cactus Jack's trademark sleeveless tee with a wanted poster but not like a Wild Wild Western version but instead more with a modern, inner city criminal in the Clinton-era prison population boom-like feel to it.  The back design had his metal trash bin (without a Custom Full Color Trash Bin Cover) filled to the brim with all ball n stick sports weaponry & janitorial-based paraphernalia...cuz he's the black Casey Jones."
New Jack Shirt Triggers Ian Rotten to Hate Diehard Dustin Lee MEME
("I was probably rockin' my rad tan-colored UFO Wind Shorts & some fresh-as-hell all-white K-Swiss kicks with this shirt." - DDL)

"Just before coppin' that T-Shirt...I actually had the opportunity to meet Jack at that historic Indy Murat ECW show.  He came out of the curtain to the left of the entrance...and just nonchalantly stood there...lookin' mean & unapproachable to an average normie fan.  But I...I had BIG BALLS like Balls Mahoney's entrance music and had big dreams of working with the ECWrestlers so I walked up to him and said "What's up, Jack!"  He said "Hey kid."  He didn't snub me...he wasn't rude to me...and I didn't have my bitch with me so...he couldn't hate me for I was getting a fair shake for making a first impression with The Original Gangsta.  It was cool as hell.  I mustered up the confidence to ask the baddest bad ass in the art of bad assery to throw me...not one...but TWO autographs!  (Later I was diagnosed, treated, & cured of terminal Markalepsy.)  That's where New Jack signed a discarded See N Say that he used as a bangarang to clack a jobber during his beat-down bout that night.  To a normie, it was just a trivial piece of "Goodwill" trash that I, like a junk collector in an episode of Hoarders, turned into a savable $ouvenir.  He also signed my still-mint-in-the-box New Jack-tion figure...but then, over 15 years later...I sold both at our both at The Indy Toy & Comic Expo in Bloomington, Indiana after I saw what he did to Gypsy Joe."
You can grab that figure DDL's referring to...if it's still available.

"So I bought this jawesome garment and happened to wear it to my 1st ever IWA Mid-South Hardcore Wrestling event that was being held in an old automotive repair pole barn-type building off some back roads in Charlestown, Indiana.  Understand that I did not know this would get me INSTANT X-PAC HEAT faster than a Little Buddy can warm up a big ass tent.  You're goin' to a wrestling wear your cool wrestling gear, if you got it.  Well, don't know...and if you're wanting to break into the ol' rasslin' bidnizz at a place like John William's Use'm & Abuse'm Depot IWA Mid-South...back then...well, let's just say you need to be mindful of what you wear.  (Some of the tights-wearin' wizards backstage are low paid, bruised-up, concussed, jealous and/or scorned so they're fuckin' assholes sometimes and they might have heat with some other rassler you just happen to have on your shirt, basically.  This is a #thoughtcrime in girls' sports Dangertainment Rassletainment...punishable by paralytic head drops, 2 sugar times, & a 3 hour chop class.  So keep it plain like Al Boreland and don't try to stand out...aaaand don't try to blend in either.  In fact, just wear a don't want your fully unintentionally "poor" choice of fan fashion to ruin your chances at getting in good with the ego trippin' hyper-sensitive lady boys.)

(This Metallic Mirror-like Mask will do the trick. Click it like you would a Pop-O-Matic Bubble if you want to order it.)

(Click this dirty dude to order this outfit to go with the Metallic Mirror-like Mask so you're sure to avoid getting any unwanted heat due to your unknowingly incorrect choice of Pro Wrestling apparel.  The snobs in the back will think you're just a filthy, non-threatening chimney sweep with a mirror for a face to which no narcissisticly vain, oiled up/scarred up/pilled up manchild can hate because it's his own reflection.)
Black Guy Using His Head to Outsmart Fools

"As I walk in...I was basically day dreaming because what a cool underground wrestling arena!  This can't really be real...just what I was dreaming of doing for my friends...and they're actually doing it!  There's fans a lot!  They've got concessions!  It's all painted black!  So cool!  I mean...looking back it's actually a Hep C-riddled shit hole with a biohazard hill of used, ultra-toxic mercury-coated weaponry like twisted metal chairs & broken light tube glass...but back then...I couldn't believe it was real!  It was like if FIGHT CLUB and ECW met & had a baby.  So I'm just like drinking this in with my eyes...and as I walk up to the makeshift office desk thingy where they were selling tickets...there sits one half of the former ECW Tag Team Champions, the "British Brethren" known as Bad Breed...Axl's "blood brother"...the self-proclaimed "King of Hardcore"...Ian Rotten...the owner of the very establishment I was paying to enter so I could enjoy some of the craziest live action available in the entire country, maybe the world, at that time. (As hardcore ECW was...ECW wasn't using light tubes.)  Ian didn't see me as a person as A.) He saw my 17 year old girl friend, who was fuckin' smokin' back then..."
Shirt Rip
"....and B.) He locked eyes with & pointed directly at my New Jack Wanted Poster T-Shirt and said, in front of everyone in line & his wife: "THAT'S A NAGGER." when Ralphie drops the lug nuts in A Christmas Story...that's not what he said.  He said the one...the big one...the queen mother of dirty words.  "Ian F'N Rotten" said the N DASH DASH DASH DASH DASH WORD.  I thought at the time...18 years old, green as Michelangelo's palm and fresh out of the indoctrination regurgitation station...and not knowing the Jack/Ian backstory, if there even was one...that this is an outdated, ugly, racist bully.  I was kinda right...but...later, after seeing the latest New Jack documentary gimmick that tries to make him out as a hero fighting racism like The E-Racist when he's just a bully committing crimes & getting away with them...I wonder if I was judging Ian "The White New Jack" Rotten too harshly."
Nacho Libre Wondering While Eating Bread
("Steven, I have seen The Dark Side of the Ring Documentary on New Jack.  This gringo del negro es muy mal. Tonight...I die." - Ignacio)

DDL has a point.  "Old Jack" tried to cut a kid's face off instead of a real, honorable man: "Nah, I can't get you color,'re a're not working with me tonight.  Skidaddle, son."  The "Original Gangsta" stabbed a ginger goof wrestler a grip of times for no good reason but lies & says "the guy tried to shoot on him."  Not really though.
New Jack Caught By Maury's Lie Detector Test MEME

Any legit martial arts practitioner...not redneck rasslin' and not that fake karate shit...would say...Jack's a liar and an opportunistic masochist hiding behind delusional thoughts of hearing racist epitaphs cast towards him from all around during a southern crowd simply booing him for his heinous real they took place.  (Though after trying to carve a smile into a child's forehead...or after about 4 full-on baseball bat shots to the head of a 69 year old man...or about the 5th stab wound...all bets are off on what the fans are going to be calling you.  Not that we condone what those in the crowd were supposedly saying but we get why they were saying it...IF they were saying it, that is.)
New Jack Getting Booed By The South Park Crowd GIF
("Did you crakkkas just "BOO" moi? And by really mean JiggaBOO, huh?  I know whatchu honkkkeys meant! You can't take it back! That's a hate crime!  Now...for revenge...I'ma kill this non-white 69 year old Naitve American guy I'm working sho!" - New Jack)

Being an evil white privileged paleface while booing New Jack as he criminally assaults someone with a medical scalpel makes YOU a racist, by the way.  And saying that Wacko Jacko only shoots on people weaker than he also a no-no.  Like bringing up the time he tried to kill one of our Pro Wrestling Legends...GYPSY JOE...who was 69 years old at the time of the attempted moida.  Joe was an innovator of the Hardcore Wrestling genre that Jack later made his name in so it was a pretty disrespectful move for him to try to shoot on him because of what the crowd was supposedly chanting...but of course, New Jack would never be disrespectful and even insinuating that he would be...well...that's a paddlin'.
Say New Jack is Unsafe and Disrespectful - That's A Paddlin' - The Simpsons MEME

So when it comes to New Jack as the sicko serial killin' Ghost Face in Scream?  Yeah...we could definitely see that. (Though New Jack doin' any sort of runnin' might be out of the question.  Maybe he could ride in one of those motorized grocery carts they got at Kroger?)  If you don't believe the stories about this Horror from the Hood then see for yourself just how sick & twisted this criminal/legend really is:


Doofy Reveals New SCREAM Killer! - Diehard Designs(You gotta admit...that's a good shot of The Champ.  Buy this as a Diehard Designs Exclusive MEME Poster with FREE GROUND SHIPPING* HERE before The Man censors it!)

🎶Bad Boys...Bad Boys...whatchu gonna do?  Whatchu gonna do when Doofy leg drops you!🎶  New Jack...who runs about as fast as Abdullah the Butcher wobbles...wouldn't stand a chance against Woodsboro Finest! a foot race.  No deals though when The Deputy actually catches Ghost Jack as being in close that's fork/pizza cutter/crazy-lookin' dagger jookstin' range.

(At 0:16...The Necro Butcher finds out about being in "close range" to Jack.)

All joking aside though...for real...have you seen the guy who played the character to which Doofy is a parody of late?  If not then check out the shoot version of David Arquette killin' it in the ol' rasslin' bidniz below.  In his most famous non-WCW match so far...the same actor who played Woodsboro PD Deputy Dwight "Dewey" Riley in one of the greatest horror movie franchises of all time (Scream, we're talking about Scream)...took on escaped convict & bank robbing legend, Nick F'N Gage, in a wild & bloody Death Match where Arquette really almost died.  The footage you are about to see is from Game Changer Wrestling's Joey Janella's L.A. Confidential event & the Music Video is from the CensorTube YouTube Channel Deathmatch Empire.

WOAH! If that doesn't make you stoked for some radical battlefighting then you're dead inside like Ellon Degenerate.

(Speaking of D-Generation XY Chromasomes...cop this rad t-shirt HERE so you can hide amongst the brain dead zombies like when Rick n Morty Glenn had to wear guts to walk through the horde on The Walking Dead.)

While David Arquette told TMZ that that was his last Death doesn't have to be yours.  Want to see more ultra violent, blood-soaked, ass-kicking action?  Bro, just click the banner below to check out GCW's hard hitting, high flying, & ultra-hardcore wrestling.  If you stream an iPPV event through our affiliate'll be supporting ya boyz @ Diehard Designs AND the stars of Gnarly Chinese Wrestling.
Game Changer Wrestling GCW Logo
(What?  It's not Gnarly Chinese Wrestling?  Are you sure, though?)

Now can you imagine: DIEHARD DUSTIN LEE vs DAVID ARQUETTE (!?!)
Pro Rasslin' Dream Match - Diehard Dustin Lee vs David Arquette
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