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Expanding our creative operations that help others see their dreams come to life while spreading Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Thought worldwide is our mission & we simply cannot reach the next level without your support.

We've been threatened by unelected local royal bureaucrats for exercising our Free Speech Rights on Private Property.

STOP - No Free Speech Allowed In The USA - Police State - Diehard Designs MEME
"Only Big Business & Big Guv is allowed to speak freely in this town!"

(Pro Tip: If you see this symbol on a car in Indy & they're creepin' like a Scooby Doo villain...they're plottin' to steal your property and/or money.  We caught this unelected tyrant & chased him away after he trespassed to yank yard signs off our private "pardon me, sir, can you move these beautifully crafted full color yard signs?"...just snatched them up like he was stealing a baby from a Daikini while it was taking a peepee.  Then, these bastards sent us a letter threatening hefty daily fines for free speech.  #PoliceState )

We've been suspended from Twitter for supposedly violating their bias Demolition Man-esque "Verbal Morality Act."  Refusing to be forced to "erase" a tweet that Twitter had already deleted...which is equivalent to admitting guilt of committing a "thought crime" & is one step closer to a sure "Permanent Ban"...we're deciding to remain suspended until they reinstate us.  Twitter is acting like a petty teacher who's dragging us by the hand and threatening to kick us out of the prison-like school from the Pink Floyd's "The Wall" music video if we don't "erase" the already "erased" graffiti. Hey Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone! MEME! by Diehard Designs (Twitter = Teacher)

We've been #ShadowBanned on Facebook after applying the Marxist Alinksy's Rules For Radicals #5, ridicule, to share our snarky contrarian take on ultra-relevant trending news stories that in turn promote our Brand, Products, Articles, Videos, & Services.  These sassy posts have been targeted by Facebook's "Truth" partners, the dying Dinosaur Corporate Media (#FakeNews) who are chosen to program prejudiced algorithms, and mislabeled "Dangerous WrongThink."  If we post'll probably never find out unless you actually go to our FB Page but then...just go here instead.

ZuckerBot Meets Human - Diehard Designs MEME
(That face when ZuckerBot meets us, actual humans, in real life & we ask his creepy ass why he's been diddlin' with our account.)

So if you want to help us win the battle for are welcome to donate to the cause.

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