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Gypsy Joe™ "MORE STIFF!" Apparel

Pro Wrestling Legends

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Gypsy Joe™ "MORE STIFF!" Apparel

Gypsy Joe.  You may have heard of him...maybe you have not.  He's known to wrestling fans & wrestlers alike as legitimately one of the toughest men to have ever stepped foot in the squared circle.  With a wild & crazy brawling style somewhat similar to monster draws like Abdullah the Butcher & The Sheik, he was able to influence & help shape the concept that is hardcore & death match wrestling.  His innumerous battles with legends include opponents equally as legendary.  Names like Giant Baba, Jerry Lawler, Marty Janetty, Mad Dog Vachon, Rocky Johnson (The Rock's Dad), Jimmy Valiant, Tommy Rodgers, Chris Candido, Rusher Kimura, Bobby Eaton, Dutch Mantell, Atsushi Onita, Akio Sato, Taz (fka Tazmaniac early on), The Necro Butcher, & many more!  He was well known world wide for his insane usage of whatever he could get his hands on; steel chairs, turnbuckle screws, shanks, & even wooden planks!  He even once chased Jerry Lawler around with a board!  His last bloody bouts in Japan were against the menacing Mr. Pogo in a Steel Cage.  While retired in Japan, Joe continued to wrestle in the USA.  He later returned to Japan, in 1995, as he was honored by Victor Quinones' IWA promotion at Kawasaki Baseball Stadium in Kanagawa.  That same evening, he was the special guest referee for the infamous King of the Death Match Tournament.  Sometimes he was called "The No Pain Train," a moniker that he earned every night...even late into the twilight of his career when he was infamously brutalized by an angry "Original Gangsta" New Jack...walloping Gypsy's skull with a heavy chain & an aluminum baseball bat.  Gypsy's response?  He just got up and shrugged it off as another day at the office.  Legend has it that he may have been the first to ever leap from atop a Steel Cage onto his opponent below.  One thing's for sure...he's carved his name in the forehead of Professional Wrestling History.  Long live Gypsy Joe!

Celebrate the legend that made Professional Wresting "MORE STIFF!" with this sick design by the talented Japanese cartoonist, Sei Ozawa. Ozawa-san had this to say about the piece:

"His characteristic is his toughness.  He has corners and tusks such as ogre.  His rear is wire netting.  He was a master hand of cage match in Japan.  He said to a Japanese journalist "I am brawler, not a wrestler!"  I respect his words."

By placing an order, you'll be helping Gypsy Joe with his assisted living care as we'll be donating a portion of the subtotal of each piece ordered at the end of each month.

Available only at Diehard Designs!

Each piece is Made Fresh to Order!

Does not ship same day.  2-3 business days for production.  Ships via USPS.

100% Cotton High Quality Pre-Shrunk Machine Washable T-Shirt or 90/10 Blend Adult Hooded Fleece Pullover with Full Color Print.  Designed in Japan.  Printed in the USA.

A portion of the subtotal of each piece go to Gypsy Joe's Family.

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