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Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any & all products & services from Diehard Designs, LLC, all clients/customers are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions listed below.  If you do not agree to Terms & Conditions, Diehard Designs, LLC will be unable to serve you.  These rules help us set clear boundaries for our services & products while allowing us to offer the best service we can!  Thank you for giving us a chance to earn your business!

  • All the merchandise shipped is thoroughly inspected by our Quality Control Department & deemed to be in excellent condition prior to production & shipping.
  • Diehard Designs, LLC will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by the shipping carrier's mishandling, misplacing, or loss.  Shipping services are provided by their respective carriers.  Delivery dates are subject to the carrier selected, once your package leaves our warehouse we cannot control the rate at which the carrier gets it to you.  If the shipping carrier provides a guaranteed delivery date and your package has not arrived, you may be entitled to a refund of your shipping charges.  Your order may be subject to processing delays and is not guaranteed to be shipped the same day as you place your order, all delivery estimates begin once you have received your shipping confirmation from the carrier.
  • Diehard Designs, LLC will not be responsible for damage done by further processing done by client/customer such as washing, drying, printing, pressing/ironing, embroidery, and etc.
  • Shipping services are offered by third parties i.e. FedEx, UPS, & USPS. Diehard Designs, LLC is not responsible for any delay, loss, damage or other mistakes caused by shipping carrier.
  • By doing business with Diehard Designs, LLC, you are agreeing that you possess ownership, a license or licenses, or other forms of permission to reproduce the artwork you submit.  If you are not the owner, license holder, or otherwise authorized to use & reproduce this submitted artwork then you alone will be held fully responsible for any violations of the law, including, but not limited to, misrepresenting your ownership, license, or authorized consent of submitted artwork.
  • Due to technical limitation, actual color of merchandise may differ from that shown in the color charts, Virtual Proofs, Virtual Samples. Color difference may occur in different items and different shipments.  Our rendering technology will give you a good look at how your shirt will actually turn out, but it doesn’t provide a perfect preview. Every computer monitor displays colors differently, so the colors on your actual item may not be exactly what you see on screen. Slight variations from item to item inevitably exist.
  • Virtual Proofs & Virtual Samples may differ slightly from actual physical product.
  • Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
  • Terms & Conditions can be changed & updated without notice.
  • Visitors have the right to use and view this site, but cannot copy or download any materials without written permission.  Please contact us to get more information regarding licensing our imagery/videos/artwork/writings.
  • We reserve the right to refuse Custom Services to anyone, for any reason, at any time.
  • We reserve the right to sublet any portion of any job we accept.
  • We do not guarantee delivery of Print On Demand products before or on certain holidays, birthdays, events, etc. unless we have agreed upon a requested in-hand date prior to processing the order.
  • All Custom Logos, Custom Decorated Items, & Print On Demand items require non-refundable PAYMENT IN FULL prior to production and/or design.  On rare occasions, if approved by the Diehard Designs, LLC ownership, there may be exceptions to this rule.  Those terms will be created by Diehard Designs, LLC and the you (the client) must give written approval in writing, text, or email to move forward. 
  • ANY & ALL deposits will not be returned to the client/customer if the order is canceled during production and client/customer may be subject to further charges, depending on the total cost of used materials and labor up to that point. 
  • If Custom Work (i.e. Virtual or Physical Proofs, Virtual or Physical Samples, Virtual or Physical Sketches, Photography, Mock-Ups, etc.) has begun, then the client must pay for the supplies and labor dedicated thus far towards their order, up & until the point of cancellation.
  • By doing business with Diehard Designs, LLC, you (the client) are authorizing that we (Diehard Designs, LLC) may charge any credit card on file if we have not been paid in full in 30 days after you have received (via pick-up or delivery) your order.
  • There are absolutely NO REFUNDS on Custom Decorated items and/or Print On Demand items online or offline from Diehard Designs, LLC.  Once you make the Final Approval of the Virtual Proofs or place an order for a Print On Demand garment...there are no refunds or returns. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  (All of our items are Print On Demand.)
  • There will not be size exchanges based on the fact that the client ordered the wrong size initially and then wants a different size as each of our items are Print On Demand.
  • Refunds or exchanges will not be offered for product or print color variance reasons UNLESS specific color matching services are requested and approved of by Diehard Designs, LLC & the client, prior to production.
  • If a client has ordered a particular garment size but is somehow sent an incorrect size, then the client has 24 hours from receiving the item to notify Diehard Designs, LLC of the issue by calling 317-292-7542 and speaking to a Customer Service Representative, or leaving a message if after normal business hours, or by contacting us.  Be sure to leave your name, phone number, mailing address, email address, order #, and the reason you are calling or emailing.  If the client is given a Return Merchandise Authorization, the client must include that RMA# & then return the item to Diehard Designs, LLC to be inspected by our Quality Control Department.  If the item returned for size exchange is damaged, dirty, worn, smelly, wet, or different in any way from the original state in which it was shipped to the client…then it will be unacceptable and an exchange will not take place, nor will we return or replace the damaged item.  If the item passes our Quality Control Department, then we will send the client the correct size in which they originally ordered and we will reimburse the client for return postage.  Authorized items to be returned for size exchange must be sent via United States Postal Service's Standard Post and the receipt must be included in the shipment in order to qualify for return shipping reimbursement.  Diehard Designs, LLC will not reimburse return shipping cost of any items sent via FedEx, UPS, or a different USPS service.  
  • Misspellings, off-measurements, and misprints of shirts, signs, logos, and anything created by Diehard Designs, LLC under the command of a client/customer are the sole responsibility of the client/customer IF the client/customer has provided the misspelled wording, incorrect measurements, & poor quality/damaged artwork and/or approved of the custom items in writing, text, or email by way of viewing a Virtual Proof, in their existing state, prior to production.  Diehard Designs, LLC is not responsible for client/customer approved custom created items that end up incorrectly sized, colored, cut, printed, etc.  Diehard Designs, LLC only prints what the client/customer approves.  It is up to the client/customer to double check all spelling, measurements, colors, and all other variable elements prior to giving their written approval to move forward into production.
  • If a client provides garments or substrates for us to Custom Decorate...they are fully responsible for those items.  If the client provided garments or substrates are damaged, decorated incorrectly, or misprinted in our customization process, we are not liable for replacement or reimbursement.  Client's provide garments or substrates at their own risk.  To avoid this, purchase your complete order from Diehard Designs, LLC.  Diehard Designs, LLC is not responsible for any damage or loss of Client Provided Goods.
  • By doing any business with Diehard Designs, LLC, you are giving our company blanket permission to use photos of your order's physical products for promotional use in print & digital medias, in perpetuity, with no financial compensation.


  • Full payment is due prior to beginning Custom Graphic Design Services.
    • Extremely time-consuming Custom Graphic Design Services will require "per hour" billing where the client will be charged for the amount of time it takes to complete their requests.  Payment would be due upon completion of services.  Unless negotiated otherwise, Master Files are not included.
  • If a client does not purchase the Master Files resulting from Custom Graphic Design Services, we reserve the right to perpetually re-use, re-sell, & change the Custom Graphic Design at our discretion.
  • If the client does not purchase the Master Files resulting from Custom Graphic Design Services, then the client is prohibited from using the Custom Graphic Design outside of Diehard Designs, LLC without expressed, written consent.  This prohibits all forms of physical & digital reproductions.
  • If the client purchases the Master Files resulting from Custom Graphic Design Services, we reserve the right to perpetually use the Custom Graphic Design to promote our products & services.
  • We reserve the right to sublet any portion of any job we accept.
  • Custom Graphic Design Services are quoted, estimated, & billed based on time & do not include ownership of the Master Files.  Master Files can be purchased separately or purchased as a part of a pre-negotiated Custom Graphic Design Services Package.
  • Once a Custom Graphic Design and/or Custom Virtual Proof has been approved, any further changes would require a new quotation or estimate.


  • Diehard Designs, LLC is NOT responsible for:
    • Any damage that occurs to installed signs due to weather, vandalism, accidents, or any other unforeseen event.
    • Any damage that occurs during sign installation including damage to your sign, the hardware, frame, and/or light box, and/or the building/structure on which the sign was installed, and the connecting/surrounding areas.
    • Cleaning, maintaining, repairing, adjusting, moving, or replacing your installed signs.
    • Notifying and/or requesting/obtaining permission, permits, licensing, insurance, or any other type of legal authorization for an installed sign or sign installation.
    • Paying any fees, licenses, permits, insurance, fines, tickets, or any other type of financial responsibility surrounding your installed sign or sign installation.