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Aaaaaand We're Banned from Gab

Well, that was fast.  After we got "suspended" from Twitter...we thought, "Meh...oh well.  We'll try an "alternative social media platform."  (Uh..."alternative"?  Do they play grunge music while you surf the web?)  If you, hopefully accidentally & never on purpose, read any #OperationMockingBird farticle may have heard of Gab.  Though if you were introduced to Gab through any MSM propaganda rag then you may have an idea implanted in your washable brain that says it's a den of so-called "YT N@tionalists" and a breeding ground for the imaginary "Alt-R!ght"...lead by Xamot's twin brother Tomax Major Dick $pencer, Cobra Secret Agent.

(Wonder if Xamot telepathically felt that sucker punch heard 'round the world?)

To those of us who "can see" like Roddy Piper with They Live glasses on...Gab's probably just a nut magnet for mildly M.R. WWIII larpers to get entangled into criminal set-ups rather than actual legitimate competition to the Triopoly of TikTok, FB, & Twitter.  Despite the bad rap...there are "Rebel Scum" out there who could care less about leftist tears 'n' smears or even psy-op nut magnetry and just want to post shit and shitpost.  Some of those who have been banned, shadowbanned, censored, & suspended from other online ghettos might decide to ignore all that noise from journalists urinalists & pop on anyways just to see what's up.  While we don't fully buy the hype about it being the "Free Speech Platform"...(we have seen the patriotic gimmick done several times in rasslin')...we did hope it was true.  Plus, it can't be worse than Twitter...right?  RIGHT!?!

Get this: Gab even claims to not track you or sell your private data by offering paid membership tiers that unlock features that seem "free" on other the guys' gimmicks.  Those features, like more storage space for photos, the ability to upload video, and live stream, are only "free" and in parentheses because your info is being $old.  So that seemed like a cool thing about Gab...but who really knows for sure when it comes to data harvesting?  Wizards be wizardin', yo.  Hell...for all we might just seem to be populated with human users and instead actually be another echo chambers of bots

Still, we went ahead, created an account, & posted anyways.  Not knowing anyone who uses it and not having many "followers" did not deter us from basically mirroring what we posted on Twitter before we were suspended from reeducation school for smoking in the boys room tweeting jokes towards communist cyborgs.

(Karl Marx: The Snyder Cut.)

One day, we go to log in and scream into an endless vortex of nothingness post an ad/link/smart ass wisecrack and wouldn't you know?  Our account is "suspended" with no warning and no way to formally appeal to the Star Chamber to try & get it back.

What was it for?  We can only guess as we were not told what exactly it is that put us in time out.  One of the last things we had posted on there was this promo poster:

(Click HERE to get a quote on your own Custom Jersey Bottle Coolers.  *Please don't ask for a pro sports team logo in which you don't have the license for.)

Was it the horse shoe?  (If it much for it being a good luck charm.)  That'd be weird because ultratalented artist Cody Sabol paints NFL logos and he gets to take Olan Mills pictures with the players...AND still has social media accounts(The Cod-Dawg probably wouldn't waste his time with Gab due to the negative press staining it as an online hub for his survival instinct keeping him from getting BTFU by a gassed up lineman who might get the wrong idea.)  Perhaps Sabol, not to be confused with Sabo, went through the licensing process...but maybe not.  Maybe he lives in a free country where he can take & post photos of things he's created.

(Is that a Steelers logo in this totally bad ass artwork?  Guess he has to get permanently banned from Gab now.)

Google "Horse Shoe Vector" and that's what you'll get.  If it was the horse shoe...they could have asked us to take it down, or remove it themselves/himself, or...apparently, just hit us with the permaban.  Plus, though it might not mean much, Mr. Ed's footprint isn't even in full view as it is partially occulted by the bottle cooler in the front.  Also, that promo is not an ad trying to sell bootleg horseball merch as this particular "coozie" is not for sale and never was mass produced for retail.  This is an image of 1 sample custom jersey bottle cooler we created to show to The Peyton Manning Show Indy's pigskin team and we snapped a picture to show other potential clients an example of what we can do for them.  We don't even watch the sNowFLake games anymore...every since Peyton left & Bob Costas thought it was a good idea to lecture gun owners during half time...cutting into our precious time normally used to consume a satanic pop artist orchestrating an anti-American New World Order symbolism ceremony sold as a "concert with theatrical dance elements."

(Now this is trauma-based mind control wholesome family entertainment...right?)

(Some readers may be surprised that we didn't mention Colin Kaepernick as our reason to stop watching Smear The Queer but...we really don't even care about what that dude does.  Stand, kneel, do jumping jacks during the National're in a "Free Country," supposedly.  A friend's Dad, who served in Vietnam, once said that he didn't care about flag burning, which usually triggers vets & he said "America is the only country in the world free enough to allow such dissent."  While we think that's an awesome take...we're certainly not advocating for the kind of freedom abused to make shit like Smutflix's "Cuties" but at least freedom of how you think about songs & how you rest your body during the playing of songs.  Plus it lets everyone know where you stand...or kneel...or sit...on certain topics & political matters.  But we get why some folks would be offended & stopped watching the coliseum of false idols for THAT reason alone.) has a piece on Disney characters that you can read in full HERE.  In our opinion, the portion quoted below is the most important segment that pertains to our one-time only, creative use of a photo of one measly sample piece created FOR THE COLTS, as a singular gift...not meant for retail or mass production, and how it falls under "Fair Use."

"A Disney character's name or image can be used without a license if it is a fair use. "Fair use" is a term that broadly refers to using the image in a limited manner that promotes freedom of expression. There is no set list of fair uses under the law, but the most common fair uses are parody, criticism, teaching, and transformative use. The degree of use is also considered. For example, use of a 15-second clip from a Disney movie as part of a critique of the movie might be fair use, but a one-hour clip used in the same manner probably would not be.

A good example of fair use is MAD Magazine's Disney-related cartoons. Over the years, it has published a number of cartoons spoofing Disney characters without receiving lawsuits from Disney. Disney presumably believes that the cartoons are fair use as a parody. The cartoons notably never used the exact character formation—only enough for its readers to make the connection between the cartoon and the Disney characters."

While we aren't even sure the Custom Jersey Bottle Cooler Promo was the issue...we wanted to be prepared to present our side of the story.  So with all that legal mumbo jumbo in mind, we tried to appeal via e-mail but no dice.  Then we hit up Andrew Torba (on our illegal 2nd Twitter account) to ask about it via direct message and he responded back, to our surprise, and quickly reversed the suspension.

Right on, kid.  That's what's up.  'Pershiate it.  So it wasn't the Custom Jersey Bottle Cooler Promo after all.  Which makes us wonder; what are we doing that makes us look like "bot spammers" (we have no scheduled posts...not social media hub "copy & pasted" posts...we don't even know how to make bots or how that'd even be helpful if you get booted for using a bot or being a bot) and what does that mean when you have Alex Jones on there talking about Space Farce & Brain Force every other post?  What is "spam" if InfoWarsLife supplement 8 Pack Power Stack posts are not "spam"?  Obviously, we'll get no answers to those questions so let's play like they're just rhetorical AND who cares if Team Prison Planet shill their wares every 30 seconds.  They're self-funded (as far as we know) by selling their own products...just like us and many of you...and last time we checked...we all have the right to promote our products & services on the interwebs.  We're just pointing out the hypocrisy.

Blah blah least we get our account back.  Buuuuut like Andy said in the DM:  ALL our silly 'n' shilly posts, links, & images are blackholed like fan-created characters of Chris Benoit...they no longer exist...or at least...are no longer accessible to us on this end (the rear end) of the platform.  Alright, so we says to Mable we says:  "Fine...we can rebuild it...we have the technology...must be a glitch or something."   Then we go to log in the next day to do just that and find we are now blocked at the IP address-level.

We can't even view the Terms of Service to see what we did, if anything, to "violate" them.  But we had a work around (Virtual Shield VPN) and took a gander at the TOS.  Here's what it says...their words are in green...our are in black:

Monitoring and Enforcement; Termination

We strive to ensure that the First Amendment remains the Website’s standard for content moderation. We will make best efforts to ensure that all content moderation decisions and enforcement of these terms of service does not punish users for exercising their God-given right to speak freely.  - Alright, sounds like it was just a mistake...they are down with Free Speech.

We collect comparatively little data on our users relative to other social networking sites. - This is why we came to Gab...carry on with the bore-a-phyll.  Our default position is that we should implement no prior restraints on any User Contribution. - Free ballin'.  However, given the breadth of speech we permit, there may be circumstances where we are unable to determine whether content is protected by the First Amendment or not and prudence may require us to err on the side of caution. - Ruh Roh Raggy..."speech" they "permit" and so-called "prudence" and...brace yourself, Effie..."caution"...not good.  Accordingly, the Company (Wild's one guy in a closet) reserves the right to take any action with respect to any User Contribution that we deem necessary or appropriate in our sole discretion, including the following:

  • Take any action with respect to any User Contribution that we deem necessary or appropriate in our sole discretion, including if we believe that such User Contribution violates the Terms of Service, including the Content Standards, infringes any intellectual property right or other right of any person or entity - Posting a mostly obscured drawing of Mickey Mouse or a painting of the Minnesota Vikings' logo...or a sample Custom Jersey Bottle Coozie...that's NOT FOR SALE & ONE OF A KIND shouldn't be a violation of the "Visual Morality Statutes" as it isn't a violation of copyright or trademark law and is protected commercial speech. , or could threaten the physical safety of users of the Website or the public. - Perhaps the promotion of drinking alcohol would be seen as a public safety threat but didn't you hear?  Liquor stores are "essential."

  • Take appropriate legal action, including without limitation referral to law enforcement, for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Website or in cases of life-threatening emergency.  - We agree...bust those criminals...but not us thought criminals who post something nice they made with their hands.

  • Terminate or suspend your access to all or part of the Website for any violation of these Terms of Service.  - We didn't violate the TOS so what gives, bub?

If your access to the Website is terminated or suspended in relation to a User Contribution authored by you that you believe constitutes protected political or religious speech, and you are able to demonstrate that the User Contribution in question was protected by the First Amendment by obtaining a declaratory judgment from a court of competent jurisdiction, the company will consider permitting you to re-join the site.

Woah...hold on.  You gotta get a "declaratory judgment from a court of competent jurisdiction" for "the collective" to let you back into the Borg Bingo Hall?  Not doing all that just to talk to ourselves, bro.  There are tons of people posting drawings, memes, & images of and with professional sports teams and their logos...and they're still on the platform.  We created 1 sample piece for our neighborhood millionaire virtue signalers "hometown team"...never sold it...never made more than one...and sent that bad boy to the boys in blue.  Then we posted a promo banner thingy with a picture of said gimmick.  So we believe, if this is what triggered BrAndy & Playtriots, that it is protected commercial speech & free speech expression of Diehard Designs as a business & as a family of artists...(plus the "Fair Use" protection)...and so our banning was a mistake on their/his/zer end.

So we hit up Mrs. Torba AGAIN.  But, plot twist:  He ignores us.  You know what that means.  Oh yeah.  We have no choice but to escalate to a slap duel @'ing this lil' nickle on Twitter.  (Yes, the owner of Gab has a Twitter. #ClownWorldPeep the screenshot:

Could it be that this Free Speech Frogman had morphed into a boglin?  Has the same fella who once rage posted to Facebook “All of you: f*** off. Take your morally superior, elitist, virtue signaling bullshit and shove it." become what he claims to hate: a morally superior, elitist, virtue signaling bullshitter?  Say it ain't so.

When he started stonewalling certainly seemed like he was as two-faced as Harvey Dent.  Do we allow good guys-turned-villains to get away with deceiving the masses us by misrepresenting their so-called "Free Speech Platform"...who then bans us for promoting our business, sharing artwork, & exercising our right to Free Speech?  Oh hell to the no, son.

Check it: To exercise our Freedom of Speech...we traveled back in time to when we were radical teenagers, copped some spray paint, & tagged up some of his private property like Joker in an art museum.  Then we wrapped those MEMEs up to prepare to send Andy's way via the handly ol' @ gimmick.

These'll show'em!  👊💥  As you can probably tell...we spent a grip of time on'em. think these are a little...problem childish?  Oh...yes, they are...purposely.  But have you seen the grand prize winner?  It's the most immature of'em all!

(Honk Honk!)

To cap it off, we smashed that send button then jumped up and did a series of consecutive "DX" crotch chops towards our monitor.  Suck it, Torba!

Shortly after that...we find that we are blocked from @ing or DM'ing this yellow belly fella on Twitter.  What a shocker.

You could use a VPN to thwart IP address-level banhammers.  Try out our affiliate Virtual Shield's 30 Day Free Trial.

In our snarky opinion, based solely on our own experience...Gab is not really for free speech but it does feign that trait in order to draw in patriots & the discarded "deplorables" who have either been booted from the mainstream digital town halls in order to stifle their God-given Constitutionally-Protected Civil Right to Free Speech -or- have grown sick & tired of their ever-growing, lopsided censorship policies and dipped out on those platforms on their own volition.  But hey, you don't have to believe us.  Do your own research if you want and check it out for yourself at  Maybe you'll have a different experience. 

Or...maybe you'll end up banished to the Phantom Zone by Android Torba (long rumored to be Nark ZuckerBorg's secret lover & on-screen nemesis) and have no other choice than to join us down here in the underground.  We'll be Edgar guys can be The Scraps.  Your ratburger will be waiting on you!

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