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Custom Decoration Techniques

Full Color Garment Printing

Full Color Garment Printing is our most popular Custom Apparel Decoration technique.  Good with 100% Cotton Tees or as much as 80% Cotton/20% Polyester Blend.  We use State-Of-The-Art machinery to print thousands of colors with photo quality detail directly onto the fabric of the shirt.  There are no screen fees, no "per color" fees, & no minimum order.  This means you can get 1-1000 pieces printed in Full Color.  Full Color Garment Printing on Light & White apparel allow the water based ink to absorb directly into the fabric, making it softer than traditional screened printed products.  Any white in your image will be replaced with the fabric color unless you choose to upgrade to Full Color + White.  Full Color + White Garment Printing on Dark & Black apparel requires a white ink under-base & highlight and has a feel that resembles a screen print.  Quote Upon Request.


Full Color Dye Sublimation Printing

Full Color Dye Sublimation Printing is a versatile & relatively new Custom Apparel Decoration technique used to print High Definition Full Color images onto polyester, poly/cotton mix, nylon, & microfiber.  This process uses a dye cured to a point it becomes a gas that then bonds permanently with the non-natural fibers of the garment itself.  This process can also be used on our customizable ceramic, wood, glass, or metal products.  There are no minimum orders for Dye Sublimation Garment Decoration method.  Quote Upon Request.


Full Color Digi-Cut Prints

Full Color Digi-Cut Prints are basically a Full Color Digitally Printed & Machine Cut Thermal Film Print that applies to almost every type of fabric, including cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, neoprene, nylon, and leather.  Great for logos with fine detail.  Also great for large orders of Custom Decorated Garments with Full Color Logos that need White as a color, highlight, or under-base.  Not only can Full Color Digi-Cut Prints be applied to a variety of fabrics but also a number of hard goods which normally cannot be embroidered or screen printed.  Quote Upon Request.


1-3 Color Digi-Cut Prints

1-3 Color Digi-Cut Prints are one of our most popular Custom Apparel Decoration techniques.  We can cut this special material into just about any shape, letter, number, or logo.  We Hand-Pick every sheet...then we cure the Thermo Film with the garment to create a permanent bond & a dazzling final product.  This technique is great for anything from 100% cotton tees & hoodies to sports jerseys made of polyester & nylon materials.  We can do anything from Metallic, Safety Reflective, Flock, Puff, & even Glow-In-The-Dark.  We can stack up to 3 compatible colors!  There is No Minimum order this method.  15 Free Hand-Picks per logo!  Quote Upon Request.

(Hand-Picking is a technique of removing unwanted die-cut segments by hand to reveal your finished piece.  The more complicated & numerous the picks, the longer it takes us to create & it raises the possibility of mistakes.  Additional Hand-Picks are 2¢ per pick.)


Embroidery starts first with Digitizing the submitted images into a form that is compatible with the embroidery equipment.  Digitizing is available and is a one time charge per size requested.  We store your Digitized files for future re-orders.  (1 years maximum with no re-orders.)  Digitizing starts at $39.99 & up...based on the size & stitch count.   Then, using state-of-the-art embroidery machines, the file is read by the computer and then precisely stitched into the garment.  Embroidery has a minimum order of 6 pieces.


Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a technique in which colored ink is applied to garments by squeezing it through a woven mesh with an ink blocking stencil.  First, the image to be printed is photographically transferred to a screen such that the non-printing areas are blocked off, leaving an opening that acts like a stencil.  Secondly, the ink is then wiped across the screen, forcing ink to pass through the unblocked pores and reach the fabric of the garment.  For each color to be printed, a separate screen is prepared and the process is repeated.  Lastly, the the screen printed garment goes through a curing process to permanently seal the ink into the fabric of the garment.  This technique is great if you need a large quantity at a more cost effective price, as compared to a Full Color Garment Print or Hand-Picked Digi-cut application.  The minimum order is 12 for the Screen Printing Garment Decoration method.  Quote Upon Request.