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In late 2008, our family, like many others, was hit especially hard by the U.S. recession.  Much like the country we love...our hearts were ripped out, we were buried in a shallow grave, & left for dead. 

But our American Fighting Spirit was not easily put to rest.  We refused to accept our fate & vowed to use our years of collective experience in manufacturing, behind the scenes knowledge from sports entertainment, artistic talents, & crazy creativity to fight back against the darkness that surrounded us. 

In 2011, so began the long, hard road out of Hell as we started to break through the casket's thick wooden cover to then claw away dirt, rocks, worms, beetles, bones, & mud to clear way for our top secret laboratory.  We thought "Why climb completely out of the grave to only walk aimlessly amongst the rest of the undead zombies when we found the darkness below the surface to be a great place for building our own "Fortress of Solitude"...our own "subterranean San Angeles"...our own bunker of bad assery?" 

We dubbed this dungeon of diabolical creations & those who dwell within operating it's demonic devices: DIEHARD DESIGNS

Now we are excited to announce that we have been serving the good folks of the surface world for 5 YEARS as of 2016!

(And just like Pinky & The Brain, we won't stop until WE TAKE OVER THE WORLD!  MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

To celebrate our 5 Year Birthday...we teamed with our Featured Artist, cartoonist Sei Ozawa, to create this creepy-cool artwork just for you! 

Thank you all for giving us a chance to earn your business for these past 5 Years!  We couldn't have done it without you! 

Available only at Diehard Designs!

Each piece is Made Fresh to Order!

Does not ship same day.  2-3 business days for production.  Ships via USPS.

100% Cotton High Quality Pre-Shrunk Machine Washable MADE IN AMERICA or Stock T-Shirt or 75/25 Premium Cotton Blend Adult Hooded Fleece Pullover with Full Color Print.  Designed in Japan.  Conceptualized & Printed in the USA.


Price: $70.99
Sale Price: $14.99 - $65.99
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