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Thought Crime by Diehard Dustin Lee
October 17th, 2018

These days, if you aren't part of the in-group...if you don't go along with the googthink...if you aren't politically correct...then the Borg is looking for you.  That means your family & friends might disown means you might get bad grades if you don't regurgitate verbatim what a radical activist professor says is true & means you might get banned from the internet or fired from your job...or both.  It's totally fine, good, & moral, however, for lunatic leftists to trash Drumpf's hair, skin color, private parts, private life, his family, his businesses, his allies, and anyone who voted for him...but if you dare sass back to this mob of self-diagnosed higher morality and you're will be targeted. 

The new target is anything that the looney tunes left can't argue with or ridicule.  Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, Rule #5: RIDICULE is the most potent weapon of the left.  You have the commie-dians of late white nite TV (so diverse in thought & race), you have SNL, you have just about every TV show that's left of Last Man Standing, almost every "program" on PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, & FOX.

Paul Joseph Watson can cut a promo better than most Pro Wrestlers so it's no surprise that he totally decimates the mind slaves in this video red pill: